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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Puerto Rico,

our company is dedicated to offering the highest quality

wild-harvested herbs, drawing from the rich biodiversity of medicinal plants found both locally and across the United States. Through our website and the thoughtfully curated Borinquen Tea Collection, we strive to illuminate the often overlooked treasures of Puerto Rican medicinal plants, unearthing their unique healing properties and sharing their stories. This journey goes beyond mere product offerings; it's about nurturing a deeper understanding and appreciation for these potent natural resources, while simultaneously supporting our communities and advocating for the preservation of our precious natural environments. We believe that healthy individuals thrive in healthy ecosystems, and our commitment to sustainable practices, coupled with our artisan production methods, ensures the creation of premium herbal products that are both restorative and affordable. By responsibly harvesting and ethically sourcing our ingredients, we offer a taste of Puerto Rico's colorful heritage, alongside the promise of natural wellness and the hope of a flourishing future

for generations to come.

Proudly Made In Puerto Rico 

Tropical Leaves

Share and learn tips and recipes to better enjoy your medicinal herbs. 

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The Borinquen Tea Collection prides itself on offering a diverse and expansive selection of hand-harvested herbs to cater to the brewing pleasures of tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Each herb in our collection is carefully and lovingly handpicked by our dedicated team, ensuring that only the finest and freshest herbs make their way into your cup. 

Our commitment to providing a wide variety of herbs is evident in our extensive collection, with each herb boasting its unique flavor profile, aroma, and potential health benefits. However, we understand that tea preferences are as unique as the individuals who drink them. Therefore, to cater to the ever-evolving tastes of our valued customers, we offer even more herbs upon request.

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Mountain slopes
El Morro In San Juan Puerto Rico
Herb catalog
Boca de Dragon
A view to Luquillo, PR
Las Tetas de Salinas

A collection of images we take along the way,


the herbs... 

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HC 1 Box 12147 

Carolina, Puerto Rico 00987


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The view from our work station in Cercadillo, Cayey

The background is: 
El Yunque National Rain Forest

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