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Job Openings

We seek dedicated, detailed, and hard-working people to work in our fast-growing business.  

Wooden Hut
Image by Jan Kopřiva

Harvester Possitions

Is important for this job position to have basic knowledge of medicinal plants. People who consider this job must be fit to lift at most 50lb. A person willing to work under tropical forest conditions, hot, humid, and under the sun for short periods of time. 

Hour Pay: $10 

Part-time position



Home Herb Seller

We pay to harvest at your house. If you have access to any medicinal plant, please write to us. We seeking plant species that can be harvested by large bags, our team will visit the place you referred to analyze if the environmental conditions are appropriate for harvest. Plants must be harvested by our crew if the offered patch is healthy, free of pests, and away from farming activities.


Price Per 33Gal Bag: From $30 - to be discussed 

Urban Gardening
Harvesting Vegetables


Currently seeking volunteers for our social impact project. 

La Finca Project is currently looking for people that can plan, sow and harvest crops. People who have knowledge in agronomy or are simply passionate about helping others.

Please, contact us for more information.  

Woman in Corn Field
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