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About Me

Thank you for reading this page. Here you'll get to know me a bit more. My name Pedro, I'm the owner of TropiNaturals and the mind behind it. I was born and raised in the country side of Carolina in the island  Puerto Rico. All my life been growing up surrounded by an immense flora and fauna. Where I grew up is complete country side in a tropical ecosystem which makes the wild to be overwhelming sometimes. A rich environment that often provided free amusement and sweet treats. There are three rivers by where i grew up,  I used to visit often with my country friends and eventually with my dogs. On the way to the river there is always a fruit tree at its peak, often forgotten after many generations. Oh my! I used to fill up buckets of fruits and make it my whole day treat.

Pedro CEO of TropiNaturals
Leaf Pattern Design

Meet The Owner

My name is Pedro. Im the owner of TropiNaturals. Meet me learn about my work and commitments.





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