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Our Plant Sources & Process


When choosing an herb, is important to know the source of the plant and the process that this has gone through before it reaches you.  Harvest location and dehydration process are important factors that can critically influence the medicinal potency of the herbs you have purchased.  Expired herbs won't harm you but they will not contain the active ingredients to do any positive effect either.  Not every herb seller will follow standard guides to properly process and store herbs.  Always find a quality, passionate herb sellers that know and constantly improve quality standards, like us.


Identification of wild-harvested herbs is a meticulous process.  Identifying the plant variety accurately can mean harvesting a poisonous plant or the right one.  Before you make a purchase, check the seller's background, trustworthiness, skills, and procedures. 

Your life may depend on it.

Wild plants are exposed for weeks to all the elements and fauna.  For us is important to remove all traces with meticulous cleaning right after harvest.


Our signature dehydration process is unique.  We do not freeze-dry or use any chemicals during the processing of all herbs in our collection. After a thorough cleansing, plants go into a proprietary dehydration process, built specifically to meet our quality standards.    

Plant natural chemicals remain viable for a limited time after being preserved.  Depending on the quality of dehydration and storage that these herbs had gone through will be the quality of effects that you will experience and the shorter the time to recover from illness.   Active ingredients of the herbs will remain active for up to a year in proper storage. Viability and aromas will decrease after six months. Humidity levels must be appropriate to store the herbs and successfully preserve their peptides active.  Plastic is a temporary solution to store and transport herbs economically, but glass will be the most appropriate material recipient you can use.  Consider a jar with a rubber seal on the lid, preferably metal.  The time that your herbs were harvested and processed till the moment you consume them is crucial if you wish to treat or prevent any illness successfully.  Our plants are harvested weekly and stored after being processed for no more than two months. 


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